Buying Bulk Traffic

Bulk Traffic Man

Jon Ledger has a great article here about buying bulk traffic.

I do agree that the traffic is worthless most of the time although it can be used for nefarious purposes like generating fake clicks to sites or stuffing cookies or other stuff like that.


Smorty – Get Paid to Post

I’ve been looking around for a few days gathering up some resources of the places that you can get paid to post.

In the near future I plan on doing a series of either videos or an ebook to give people the full details on how to earn money in this fashion as well as how to best stay organized while doing it.

Smorty is the latest program where you are paid to give your opinion on a site or product. Of course, in so many words you’re getting paid to advertise a product.

This will, of course, offend some folks but they don’t have to keep reading now do they?

Regardless, here’s what I think about Smorty so far…

The interface is very clean and easy to use. They provide a nice list of advertisers that you can accept to post on even if you’re new. The starting rate for a review is only $6 but that can increase as you get a better ranking in the system.

According to their FAQ, the ranking is determined by several factors like quality of post, your pagerank and so on.

I do not know how quickly they will pay but they claim they’ll pay within one week. As this is my first post I should know in a week once the post is accepted.

The site loads quickly and – thus far – I have no complaints with their system. Unlike PayPerPost, my blog was approved by Smorty within one day!

When it’s all said and done, my opinion so far with Smorty is that it’s a good blog advertising venue for those interested in doing so.


Audio E-Books

I was looking through my old posts and came across this Audio E-Book opportunity I blogged on.

At the time I said it was a dud…turns out I was right. Site isn’t around less than a year later and is simply a parked page.

It’s a shame to be right sometimes 😛


Hide Your Keywords From Prying Eyes…

One of the techniques I use to get keyword ideas is to look at what other spam sites out there are doing.

Quite frequently, they’ll have a sitemap that links to all of their pages and their homepage, of course, links to that sitemap.

This tends to give the sitemap page a better PageRank as well as having the sitemap show up in searches.

Now, having it show up in searches isn’t necessarily a *bad* thing but it can be a waste of traffic because you can’t put your adsense ads on a non-content page.

The second thing that’s troublesome about your sitemap page is that it’s trivial for someone to write a script to extract all of the keywords from your page. (My pages are generated in a way that I protect myself from this approach but YACG and other content generators don’t as far as I know).

So – what’s a man to do?

Well, I was just reading an interview with Matt Cutts. One of the things he went into depth about was the NoIndex meta tag.

       Eric Enge: Can a NoIndex page accumulate PageRank?

      Matt Cutts: A NoIndex page can accumulate PageRank, because the links are still followed outwards from a NoIndex page.

      Eric Enge: So, it can accumulate and pass PageRank.

     Matt Cutts: Right, and it will still accumulate PageRank, but it won’t be showing in our Index. So, I wouldn’t make a NoIndex page that itself is a dead end. You can make a NoIndex page that has links to lots of other pages.

For example you might want to have a master Sitemap page and for whatever reason NoIndex that, but then have links to all your sub Sitemaps.

This makes it trivial to hide your keywords (at least in Google) by simply adding a NoIndex meta tag to your sitemap page. You can link to it as normal but it’ll never show up in Google’s index when people search for it.

That’s a very nifty trick in my ever so humble opinion!


New Blog Design

I have a new design for my blog and I’m in the process of integrating it so if things look a bit funky or don’t appear, bear with me 🙂

Maybe I should create a test site to play with it….nah, more fun to play with fire!


Top 5 Ways To Piss a Bill Collector Off…

I’m sure everyone reading has had a bad experience with a bill collector at one time or another.  If you’re tired of it and/or you’ve got some bill collectors harrassing you, here are the top 5 ways to piss them off…

  1.  Use one word responses…Example:  BC:  This will go on your credit.  You:  And?
  2. Tell them a really good sob story.  Make sure you continue going as long as you can without getting interrupted.  This takes a bit of practice bu, in time, you should be able to hit the 2-5 minute mark of wasting their time.  They get paid by the amount of money they actually collect so time is $$$ to them.
  3. Act confused and ask them to repeat themselves.  A lot.  No, really, no ablas englais or however it’s spelled :P
  4. Ask them lots of questions about who they’re with, their address, etc.  Again, it’s a time waster but you can also use the information later to send them a stop calling me letter.
  5. My personal favorite is to say something like “Well, my income is XXX and my expenses are YYY (go into lots of details)” and I have Z left over for food.  Which do you think I should do?  Eat or pay this bill?  Funniest response so far?  “Sir, don’t ask me that question please!”.


P.S.  Yeah, I really should be sleeping right now instead of writing humorous posts.  Go go methylprednisone and insomnia! :)

Al Gore Agrees with the G-Man!

I’m about to say something that will horrify shock amaze my friends…

I read something written by Al Gore and I actually agree with him!

Oh – the horror! Agreeing with Al Gore isn’t something that a card carrying Libertarian should do right?

Ok – more to the point…what exactly is it I agree with?

It’s the amount of television that people watch on a daily basis which amounts to an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes per person!

That might not seem like much but look at it another way for a moment…

After you do your normal 8 hour workday in the US, add in a 1.5 hour average commute time, 6-8 hours of sleeping and 2 hours for eating…you’re left with 6.5 hours in your day to spend how you ‘want’.

And most people spend 3/4 of that time watching TV.

Now, I’d heard James Brausch talk about some tv statistics before (although he didn’t quote his source it was interesting), but I did not realize that watching TV was quite so rampant.

Ignoring the political elements of the discussion by bringing up Al Gore’s latest book The Assault on Reason, I find it extremely interesting that the internet is heading towards more and more video usage.

Witness the soon to be launched The Next Internet Millionaire – a reality based internet based show. Personally, I find reality shows about as fun to watch as paint drying. Whatever. I’m sure that Joel will make scads of money from this and there will be a wave of shows coming out on the internet soon that never even hit the Cable/Satellite channels.

Or, look at YouTube…depending on the exact dates you look at and whom you listen to, YouTube accounts for 2-4% of all internet traffic…That’s a lot of freaking video people!

So if you’re thinking that I’m going to start telling you to stop watching TV…well, that’s where you’re wrong. Honestly, I really don’t give a crap what you do in your spare time.

You can, however, use the information to your benefit by filling what the market – oh so obviously wants! Video and lots of it!

Of course, right now, you can throw a lot of crap against the wall and see what sticks. As more people enter the arena it’ll get more difficult and the videos will have to be better to compete.

Personally I find vlogs (Video Blogs) annoying because I just want them to get to the point already!


Windows Vista – I have 4GB of Physical Memory but OS only reports 3.x!

Yeah it sucks.

Unfortunately it’s a hardware problem but if you’re wondering why it exists, here’s the best explanation I’ve seen so far of the situation.


New Revenue Stream – Diary to $100 Per Day


So, I’ve been sitting on my ass a bit and doing miscellaneous coding on some stuff that was FUN for a change.

Enough of that tho, let’s get back to making some money – eh?

I happened to tell my brother about a neat site I’ve been trolling lately called Blue Hat SEO and he happened across this particular post about making $100 a day through a relatively straightforward process.

So I figure I’m gonna play the n00b part and give it a shot and see if it works.

The post above isn’t too long – it’s all the comments that go on and on plus the forum that’s linked to off of it.  So happy reading…

Oh, by the way, I signed up for ZangoCash already and got a rejection letter as seen below:

    Hi Geoffrey,
    Thank you for signing up with I am your account administrator, and am looking forward to working with you.
    The content on your site does not match our programs and the platform it offers. Do you have other sites you would like to submit for review?
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.
    I look forward to hearing from you and am hopeful we can move forward with a partnership!
    Thank you,
    Ron Galimba

I’m not terribly worried about getting rejected already though as it seems they would like to work together.  So I sent them a nice long e-mail with lots of questions to find out more about what they want and if they’re still doing the screensaver stuff.

It may be a total loss but we’ll see 🙂  I’ve only spent about 2 hours looking into this so far.


Quality of Service With Windows Vista

So I’ve been looking around for a bit to find a way to get Quality of Service (QoS) filtering at the packet level with Windows Vista.

The docs say that it’s possible.  I’ve read it can be done but nobody tells you exactly how to do it…

After digging around on google for a few days I finally came across something that told me I needed to have Longhorn server to do it.  Bleh.  That sucks because I really want to be able to constantly seed torrents while I’m playing Everquest, uploading new web sites, etc. etc. etc.

Well, I’m happy to report that I finally found a solution!  It’s cheap and it works fantastic!

It’s called  cFosSpeed.  Only costs about $40 but damn does it do it’s job well.  This is something they should have put into the last several versions of Winderz! :)